Mother’s Day for One Please

One day my husband asked me, “Honey what would you like for Mother’s Day?” I sat thoughtfully for a minute and then replied, “To have a nice quiet day alone in a hotel.” Needless to say he was shocked! What do you mean? Away from your family? A Mother’s Day without your kid’s and hubby? And I happily replied “Yes!” And giggled. 

Mother’s are everything to everyone. Every single day. And happily and selflessly do so. The highest honor, the greatest gift, the largest sacrifice. We carried our children inside us, we shared our bodies, we beat the same hearts, we pushed through the greatest pain imaginable to give life. We wipes noses, we kissed booboos, we rocked to sleep, we cooked, we cleaned, we nurses the sick. We open our arms to “mommy you are home!” We look into the eyes of our greatest creations. We are the glue that holds the family together. We are the silent Hero’s. We are the monster slayers. We are the advice givers. We are the negotiators of groundings. We are the organizers, the love suppliers, the safe places. 

Myself specifically am a stay at home mom/ work from home mom. So my girls are with me 24/7. I don’t leave them during the workweek for 9 hour shifts, tacked on with 30min to hours long commutes. And God Bless all of the mother who do. I know you miss them so much when you are gone. Power to the working women in high heels!! They are under my desk while I type away on the computer. They are playing with their toys on the office rug while I create invoices and spreadsheets. They are bathing In the bathtub while I’m 2 feet away in the adjoining shower. They are singing songs on the kitchen island while I’m cooking the family meals. They are sneaking into bed with me or I’m climbing Into their beds and stroking their foreheads after a nightmare. They are squeezing in between the hubby and I while we try and catch our Netflix or Hulu series. And i love it all. 

My husband and my girls are the greatest gift I have ever received. My highest honor. My greatest sacrifice. I adore being a mother above any job or award I have ever held. I look forward to every single day with them. But one thing I have also learned while trying to the very best mom I could be is how vital self care is. A mother is only as strong and powerful for her family as she is for herself. We pour our hearts and souls Into the lives of others. Into the happiness and peace of others. But honeys we need our cup refilled too. 

Do not be afraid or shamed into thinking you do not deserve it all as well. You deserve self care. You deserve time off from the job that doesn’t clock out or vacation hours accumulating. Moms don’t have sick days. So we so importantly need to carve out time for ourselves. Whatever that looks like for you in your life. Whether it is your time away at the gym working on your physical fitness. Maybe your time in the garden. Maybe out for drinks with your girlfriends. If you have wonderful parents who live in town, maybe it is a weekend off to dance the night away or take a trip out of town. None of it is wrong. In moderation, it is all important and earned! 

So our household tradition for Mother’s Day is either a relaxing day alone in a beautiful hotel or locked up in the master bedroom. A day of walking around in a robe. Sipping wine. Lighting up…a candle. Watching your favorite show, movie, or series. Cuddling up to a juicy book. Anything that recharges your mind and soul. 

May today’s blog remind you that it is not only important but earned to give yourself some self care when you can. Happy Mother’s Day to all!!! Sending you light and love. And maybe a little buzz. 

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